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Three voices.

Too many instruments.

No attention span.

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The Three-Timers are all about tuneful, toe-tapping sing-along frivolity! Their entertaining acoustical interpretations will take you all over the musical map.


No song or genre is safe. (However, they can be quite civilized when necessary.)


Beatles, Broadway, folk, pop and R&B classics, country, calypso, jazz, and who-knows-what-else...The Three-Timers have it covered.


Featuring Kipp Sturgeon on vocals, various guitars, 12-string banjo, ukulele, harmonica, melodica, and miscellaneous sound effects; Phred Mileski on vocals, ukulele, keyboard, melodica, percussion, and any other noisemaking object she can lay her hands on; Bob Bradshaw on vocals, bass, and the occasional bad pun.

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