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Live from my living room

As we all know, live music in public venues was a no-go for most of 2020 and for a good chunk of 2021 as well.

What was a diva to do? Performers gotta perform.

So here's a bunch of videos of myself playing individual songs in the safety of my living room, back when the living room was the safest place to be. The songs are all over the map, depending on what I felt like doing at the moment.


Each one was originally created as a Facebook Live post, but because many people shun Facebook, some of the videos I posted over there are also  here, in order from last to first.

Due to the peculiar optics of selfie-video mode, everything appears in reverse. Live from my living room—through the looking glass.

Now that things have finally opened up again, check out my calendar page to find out where I'm playing out in the real world!

Want more? 

For a full hour live from my living room, click here

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