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The BeeKeepers

DoldrumsThe BeeKeepers
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Here is an unreleased track by the BeeKeepers, an all-female acoustic trio I was in from 2016 until 2019.


The two founding members, Sylvie Abate and Amanda "Mandy" Sullivan, had started the project as a duo and then invited me to join after they started recording what would eventually become our debut EP "Songs From The Hive: Vol. 1."

Sylvie and Mandy are songwriters, and darn good ones. They inspired me to get off my butt and start writing, too.


One of the many wonderful aspects of being in this group was the chance to play as many instruments as we felt like playing. Between the three of us, the total was around 13. (Hauling all that stuff to gigs was like playing car-Tetris.) Recording sessions added yet another dimension of instrumental creativity, because we could also write for instruments we didn't know how to play. (Cello parts are especially fun!)

After we had written enough material for "Songs from The Hive: Vol. 2," we headed back into the studio in January of 2019, to record "Doldrums" and "Roots Run Deep." "Roots Run Deep" was released as a single soon after—and then circumstances took us our separate ways.


Although "Doldrums" was never released, it's worth a listen. I'm proud to have been a part of it and everything else the BeeKeepers released, and I'm grateful for the time I had creating music with Sylvie and Mandy. We had something special, and it was a good run.

By the way, you can find "Songs from The Hive: Vol. 1" and "Roots Run Deep" on Spotify, Amazon Music,

and CDBaby.

BeeKeepers Doldrums Single Cover
BeeKeepers Doldrums Single Back Cover
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